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Our property is located in Nassau County near the Florida-Georgia line just off highway US 1.

In early 2002 after almost 30 years of being without quail hunting, and missing it, we decided to start our own quail hunting preserve. We put in a flight pen, cut timber, and bought bird dogs.

After enjoying our small hunting preserve, we decided to share it with others who enjoy the woods, the guns, and especially the dogs. We know there are people out there who share our delight in owning bird dogs, but may not have a place to use them. So, we invite you to come enjoy a few hours with your best friend.

Our fees are reasonable, we're easy to get to, and our main goal is for you and your dog to have a great time.


August 2014

Thanks again to everyone that visited SSJ Farm Quail Hunting Preserve last year during our 12th season, we had a safe and successful season.

We had another wet spring and summer that brought us a lot of growth on our courses. We did not burn this season, as we needed to let our habitat grow and reestablish itself. However, we did a lot of mechanical thinning to keep the courses visibility open. Thinning, whether with fire or mower, is always a hit or miss proposition due to Mother Nature's plans.

Last year we used a lot of the Tennessee Red variety of Bobwhite quail. They were strong flyers and excellent for dog training as they took to flight easily. We will be using Reds as much as possible but supplies may be limited because our producer has had problems acquiring chicks. Prices have not changed at the production level so our prices will remain the same. However, we do have some notable policy changes for 2014-2015 season:

  • Our large courses (A,B,&C) will not be available for 5-bird packages on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • A minimum 11-bird package will be required to secure the large courses during the weekend.
  • The 5-bird package will be available for a short course training on weekends and available for larger courses during the week (Monday through Friday).
Last year, SSJ Farm hosted several AKC hunt tests sponsored by the German Shorthair Clubs of Florida. This year, we will again host another hunt test and possibly an AKC walking field trial. These events are open to the public and to all pointing breeds. Be sure to check our Facebook page for information throughout the season.

We look forward to another season visiting with you and your dog.

November 2013

SSJ Farm and the Florida German Shorthair Clubs will host several training events and AKC Hunt tests. These events are open to all pointing breeds and offer opportunities for you to learn from others and spend more time with your dog in the field.

Information for these events may be found at, or on SSJ Farm's Facebook page. For additional information, contact Cheryl Applebaum 813-910-2389 or

Nothing is more enjoyable than hunting over your own dog. If you enjoy wingshooting and have had the opportunity to shoot quail, chukar, pheasant or any game bird, you know what a joy it is. If you would like to multiply that enjoyment, get your own bird dog.

The decision to take the step toward owning your own hunting dog should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before bringing home the new dog. If you are thinking about venturing into the wonderful world of bird hunting dogs, be sure to do your homework.

In addition to considering the time, energy and cost of dog ownership, the choice of breed is an important decision. Just as someone prefers a Chevy over a Ford, they also have ideas about the different breeds available. There is also the question, flushing, pointing or retrieving breed. When doing your due diligence in researching a hunting breed, read a lot about the different breeds, go to breed websites, visit kennels, and talk to a lot of hunting dog owners. There are field trials that showcase many of the dog breeds. Owners are more than happy to tell you about their dog.

Lastly, remember the dog is a full time responsibility that last for a decade or more. Please do your homework and select the right dog for the right situation and you.

August 2013

It's time to start thinking about getting in the field. We've had a very wet off-season, which is unusual. Even though we burned every course in the spring, the rainy summer has kept the grasses growing. We added two water holes on Course A and cleared a few palmetto clumps. Overall, the courses look thick but will improve after a heavy frost.

Bird prices will remain the same as last year. We will once again offer the 100-bird package for $800 payable up front. The only change this year will be the afternoon field time will be 1- 4PM instead of 2-5PM.

We will host several exciting events in partnership with the Florida German Shorthair Clubs so be sure to like the SSJ Farm Facebook page to receive updates.

We will see you soon. -- Stuart and Sharon

January 2013

As a private hunting preserve, hunters must possess a current Florida hunting license to hunt at SSJ Farm. Visit to purchase a license online. 

August 2012

Hi to everyone, this is our tenth year at SSJ Farm. We have seen a lot of changes, and SSJ Farm has changed, hopefully for the better.  We as always would like to thank our regular customers for continuing to support us.  We hope to continue to offer a place to use your own dog and enjoy being in the great outdoors with your best friend.

This year like last year brings uncertainty with quail prices. We have decided to once again keep our prices the same and hope feed prices will stabilize. 

Be sure to read the General Info page as we have changed some things. We also ask that each hunting party try to remove spent shell casings, so we can keep our grounds looking pristine. We thank those hunters that have done this in past years. We at SSJ Farm pride ourselves on our groomed grounds and litter is distracting and encourages more litter.

See you soon. Stuart and Sharon

August 2011

Hello to all. The upcoming season brings a lot of uncertainty considering the instability of the economy. We at SSJ Farm understand the situation and even though feed prices have soared, we will maintain the same prices as last year. We had a good year and we thank everyone for the continued support.

This summer, we have continued to work our grounds in order to improve every course. Courses A & C had timber harvested which opens both considerably. Those pine trees that moved in the way of shot have been banished from the property. We hope this will make hunting even more enjoyable. Course C was again burned as was part of Course A.

Burning improves habitat and at the same time reduces understory that makes it hard to see ones dog. The drought was instrumental in retarding  some of the understory growth too. The waterholes on C have been enlarged and benches have been added. Course C has seen the most improvement. Course B continues to offer a native Florida type habitat and is being enlarged every year.

Please read 2010's update for other pertinent information.

As always, hope to see you often. Stuart and Sharon

August 2010

       Welcome to the 2010 SSJ Farm update. We would like to sincerely thank our customers for another successful year. Each year our business has grown and we try to improve our grounds. With three courses available, we have been able to accommodate most all hunters. We hope to continue to be able to put all hunters and their dog in the field for a morning or afternoon hunt. The grounds on all three courses will be a little different as every year brings new habitat. Course A was  burned this year so it will be thinner with less cover, better to see your dog. Course B has been burned, expanded and planted. It should be like native Florida. Course C was burned and heavily disked to try to remove some of the under story. It will have the same number placement as last year, only longer.

       Prices will remain the same and all other rules will continue to apply. After booking a hunt, confirm via e-mail or phone call within a 24-hour period prior to your scheduled hunt. Also, please try to arrive between 8:00AM to 9:00AM for the morning hunt and arrive between 1:00PM to 2:00PM for the afternoon hunt. If you arrive late, we can not extend your time in the field if there is a hunt scheduled after yours. We try to make it so everyone gets their full time in the field but sometimes it is necessary to hurry one up a bit.

        As we go into the 2010 hunting season, we hope to host a few  hunting dog field trials. For those of you that have run in our  field trials, please mark your calendar for Saturday December 18, 2010. We will  host the first field trial of the season on that date. We will be using National Bird Hunters Association rules. The final rule changes will be made by the end of August and you may read the rules on the link provided to the left. Please join the SE Bird Hunters google group if you are interested. Fun trials and NBHA schedules will posted there.


We hope to see you often. Stuart and Sharon

March 7, 2009

SSJ Farm held its first ever hunting dog field trial on March 7, 2009. The day was warm, the skies clear, 21 dogs and their handlers were nervous. Most of the 21 had never experienced a field trial. After the day was done, most were ready to do it all over again.

SSJ Farm hopes to run two field trials each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The interest for such an event just overwhelmed us.

It took most of the day to get thru the eleven braces, and when the dust had settled, SSJ Farm's Brittanys Jo and Jett handled by owner Stuart Williams, finished 1st and second with scores of 112 and 90. Tom Tankersley's setter Abby finished 3rd, followed by Dave Brumbaugh's Vizsla Haley 4th.
The trial was run under United Bird Hunter rules and SSJ Farm was assisted by UBH VP and Eastern director Ernie Ashby.

Ernie came a day early to certify judges and get everything set up for the trials. He brought two judges, Steve Elliott and Eric Schmidt from South Carolina. Steve's son Ashby did the bird handling duties. Ernie also ran two dogs in our trials.
The complete list of dogs and handlers are shown in the photo gallery section of our website, along with pictures from the trial.

We wish to thank every one that contributed to our successful season and this field trial.

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